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 Sponsor Gracie for $40*

 * Sponsoring a resident is NOT a contract for purchase or lease. It is a donation that goes toward the daily upkeep for stated resident.  Your sponsorship donation is tax-deductible if you choose.  

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Calm is Key (known as Gracie) is an off-track thoroughbred (OTTB) who came to us from Franklin, KY where she was being trained as a dressage horse.  Gracie suffers from uveitis (moon blindness) and will likely go blind in her right eye at some point, and possibly both eyes.  Gracie is usually the first to meet you at the gate, and is currently the tallest horse we have on the farm at just over 16 hands tall.  Gracie loves attention and gladly gives rides to the smallest of visitors.  Don't let her quietness fool you.  When she was on the track she was clocked running at 44 miles per hour and actually came in third in one race.  Gracie is now happy being a country girl with no worries.  Her favorite thing to do is swim in the pond during the hot summer days.    

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