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If you would like to donate toward daily essentials to help Kindred Hope purchase the different products we use on a daily basis, we have provided a list below highlighting the most-used items and current pricing we incur from our suppliers for these products. Some items, particularly hay and feed, drastically increase in usage October thru March when the weather cools and pastures die off.  During this time our operational costs for feeding greatly increase.  Each item has an individual donate button that is set-up to send a donation in the amount of the item when you click on it if you chose to donate toward any of our essential items we use.  Thank you for considering donating to fund our mission & our passion!


Kindred Hope proudly feeds Purina, Manna Pro, Triple Crown, Formula 707, Farnam and DuMOR products  





Your donation toward purchase of essential items is greatly appreciated!

100% of donations go toward the upkeep and maintenance of our resident therapy animals 

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Daily Essentials

 Purina Impact Performance Feed 

Feed - Impact Performance.PNG


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Average usage is approximately eight (8) bags per month.  During the winter we can go through as much as fourteen (14) bags per month.

 Purina Equine Junior Feed 

Feed - Equine Junior.PNG


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Currently usage is one (1) bag per month, but usage increases and decreases as we have weanlings and young horses up to two years old.  

 Purina Miniature Horse and Pony Feed 

Feed - Miniature and Pony.PNG


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We feed this to our miniature horses and donkey.  Current usage is two (2) bags per month.

 Manna Pro Cool Calories 100 

Manna Pro Cool Calories 100.PNG

$60 per 20# bag

We supplement both OTTBs feed with this product.  Gracie is a hard-keeper and needs this supplement to gain and then maintain weight, while Hope is on a maintenance dosage to keep weight on. 

Current usage is one bag per month

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 Triple Crown Essential Omega Blend 

Triple Crown Essential Omega Blend.PNG


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 Formula 707 6-in-1 Joint Supplement    (two options)

Formula 707 6 in 1 Supplement.PNG

$106 for 10# bucket

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$200 for 20# refill bag

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Current usage is 20 pounds per month

Essential Omega Blend is fed per recommended dosage instructions. 

Current usage is two gallons per month.

 Trace Mineral Salt 

Trace Mineral Salt 50#.PNG

$9 for 50# bag

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Trace mineral salt is mixed into feed to provide additional mineral supplement and ensures the horses and donkey drink adequate amounts of water in cooler temperatures as recommended by our vet. 

We estimate using two bags per year.


 Farnam Horseshoer's Secret Supplement 

Farnam Horeshoers Secret.PNG

$83 per 38# bucket

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This supplement is necessary to maintain healthy strong hoof structure to avoid having to shoe the horses.  One 38 pound bucket is two month's supply.  Current usage is six (6) 38# buckets per year.

 Champions Choice Selenium 90 Trace Mineral Block

Selenium Block.PNG


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Selenium blocks are left in the pasture for free-choice feeding.  We go through about four blocks per year.  




This is a prescription medication from our vet that is used for maintenance and treatment of inflammatory issues in one of Gracie's rear legs due to an old soft tissue injury that she sometimes aggravates by stepping wrong of slipping in mud.  Estimated usage is appox. three (3) bottles per year. 

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Seasonal Feed/Supplements

 Square Bales of Hay 

Bale of Hay


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 5 x 5 round bales of hay 

Hay Barrels
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We use 15 to 30 round bales of hay per year.  Horses and donkey are provided round bales as free-choice forage during cool weather when there is no grass available.  

This donation button allows you to choose the amount you'd like to donate toward square bales of hay.

We use anywhere from 150 to 200 square bales per year

 Purina Enrich Plus Ration Balancer 

 Purina Equitub with Clarify   (two options)

Enrich Plus Ration Balancer.PNG

$30 /bag

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We occasionally add this to feed as a replacement to forage when transitioning from grass pasture to hay, and estimate our seasonal usage as 10 - 15 bags.  

Equitub with Clarifly Ration Balancer.PN

$?? for 55# tub

$?? for 125# tub

 Formula 707 Daily Essentials   (three options)

Formula 707 Daily Essentials.PNG

$56 for 12# tub

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$70 for 20# refill bag

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$155 for 50# bucket

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 40# Chopped or Compressed Alfalfa 

Bale of Hay


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We add alfalfa to normal hay forage during lower than normal  temperatures.  This helps the horses and donkey create their own body heat.  We use approx. 10 - 18 bundles each season.   

Treats & Miscellaneous

"Treats are a great way to entice a horse or donkey to engage with a new visitor for the first time"

 Manna Pro Peppermint Flavored Wafers 

Treat - Manna Pro Peppermits.PNG

$20 per 20# bag

"Gunni's favorite!" 

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 Red Vines Original Licorice Twists 

Red Vines Original Licorice Twists.PNG


"Hope's favorite!"

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 DuMOR Crunchy Apple and Oat Neigh Nibblers 

Treat - DuMOR Crunchy Apple and Oat Neig


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 Redmond Rock Mineral Salt 

Redmond Rock Salt.PNG


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 Purina Apple and Oats Horse Treats 

Treat - Purina Apple and Oat nuggets.PNG

$16 per 15# bag

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