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 * Sponsoring a resident is NOT a contract for purchase or lease. It is a donation that goes toward the upkeep for stated resident.  Your sponsorship donation is tax-deductible if you choose.  

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Ts Hope (simply Hope to us) is our farm's namesake.  She was the first horse Kara rescued back in October 2018 while living in Texas.  Hope is an off-track thoroughbred (OTTB) and had a very short racing career in Louisiana because she didn't want to run, after which she found herself in a Texas kill pen.  Upon rescue it was discovered Hope had an untreated front leg fracture (and probably why she didn't want to run!), and she was told she'd never have to run again unless she wanted to!  Hope is now healed and frequently races around the pond with Gracie, our other OTTB.  They always run in the same direction they ran on the track, never the other way, so maybe they're reliving their glory days on the track. haha  It's quite comical to see two OTTBs, two Quarter Horses and three miniature horses "racing" around the pond.  The only race Hope is interested in winning now is the race to the barn each night for feed and hay!  

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