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 * Sponsoring a resident is NOT a contract for purchase or lease. It is a donation that goes toward the daily upkeep for stated resident.  Your sponsorship donation is tax-deductible if you choose.  

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Gunsmoke (Gunni) is a Quarter Horse with an abusive past.  It is thought that Gunni was used as a bucking bronc by his previous owner(s) after being sent to a trainer in TN.  In the summer when he sheds his winter coat you can see all the scars Gunni has all over his neck and shoulders where he was repeatedly cut by spurs. He also has a split lower lip and a long scar running up the side of his face from his mouth.  Kara had went to look at another horse that had caught her eye, but this skinny beat-up horse followed her around the pen and stood patiently by as she looked at other horses, but never leaving her side.  His eyes were filled with such sadness that she couldn't leave him there. When Gunni was rescued and placed in quarantine, it was unknown if he would survive because he was so malnourished and hundreds of pounds underweight.  Kara describes his condition when seeing him for the first time as being able to count every vertebrae down his spine.  Gunni slowly added weight, started to really come out of his shell, but he wouldn't let anyone to touch his face, especially around his mouth.  After Gunni came to Alabama, and with time and patience (and lots of peppermint treats, his favorite!), Kaye was able to convince him that not everyone wanted to hit or strike him.  He then would greet her everyday at the gate, ready for his treat and being petted, including allowing her to rub his head and nose.  Gunni has come a long way since being rescued in 2019, but remains cautious of new people, especially men, until he gets to know them because of his history of abuse.  But, Gunni is the perfect example that no matter what happened to you in the past, there is peace and hope in your future.  

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